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Laurel to Decatur

One of my favorite TV shows is Home Town on HGTV. It is about to begin its seventh season. It follows the home remodeling efforts of Ben and Erin Napier in Laurel, Mississippi. Their passion is bringing back their Home Town to what it used to be before many manufacturing jobs left. They’re a young […]

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The Queen

Like many, I’ve been following the stories of Queen Elizabeth after her death last week. I’d already been a fan of “The Crown” on Netflix, and I’m waiting not so patiently for the next season. Queen Elizabeth lived a good and full life. She definitely wasn’t cheated out of years. And while she practically had […]

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Decatur School Board and Lincoln Park

It is sweltering outside, so it’s a good time to be inside with the AC and two fans blowing on me. Not a big fan of summer heat, but thankful for air conditioning. I’ve been following a few things going on in the city, and finally have a little time to write about them. Of […]

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Biking in Decatur

This morning I went on a chilly but beautiful fall bike ride along Decatur’s bike path. I think the official name is Steven’s Creek Bikeway, but there are segments that are called something else, or maybe I’m wrong. Whatever it’s name, it’s one of the best things about living in Decatur. I wouldn’t even consider […]

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The Wait and See Game

Well, I don’t know really where to begin with this but there’s a worldwide pandemic going on and it’s kind of a big deal! Our lives are just beginning to be affected by the virus with restaurants ordered closed, gatherings cancelled, travel plans derailed, kids going to school online, and grocery shelves going bare. As […]

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Decatur Celebration: Should it Continue?

If you’re a longtime Decaturite I’m sure you know the ongoing woes of the Decatur Celebration. For several years it has lost money. How much? We don’t know. To say there’s been a lack of transparency to the public, or even to its financial donors, would be an understatement. But that’s another story. My main […]

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