Sunday Ramblings

Day Two of my vacation, and I haven’t really done anything fun yet, but I needed a couple of days to just rest. I worked through the Memorial Day weekend, so it had been a while since I had a day off. I have a few projects to do around the house. The pergola in […]

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Goings Ons

In one week, the Devon Amphitheater will be open again for business. The band Kansas will be performing, and I’ll be there. The concert was planned for last year, but band members caught Covid and it had to be rescheduled. I’ll also be going to the Rick Springfield concert and a country act that I […]

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Well, It’s Something

It’s a cold, blustery late April Sunday afternoon. Yuck! At least yesterday was nice, and surely warm weather will come back and stay longer soon. It’s been pretty quiet lately. Not much is going on here. There’s my blog post. Have a nice day. Well, I’ll try to think up something. Oh, I went grocery […]

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This & That, April 2023

The Devon Amphitheater announced another headliner act last week, and the hint given on social media before the announcement was the state of Indiana. I was thinking John Mellencamp, and that would have been sweet! I’d go to that concert in a heart beat, but instead it was that famous Indiana 1960s rock group, the […]

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Closing Time

This wasn’t the best week for Decatur. Akorn, a pharmaceutical company, pulled the rug out of its 400+ employees, and told them all to go home without a job. There was no warning or notification of the plant closings. Right now, the company is facing a class action lawsuit from a handful of its former […]

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Boring Sundays and the City Council

You can tell it is winter time because I’ve written something every week for the past month or so. Otherwise, on weekends, I’d be out on a bike, mowing the lawn, or just sunning myself on the patio. But, since it’s boring winter, here I am. Some interesting things have happened with the city council. […]

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New Life at the Lincoln Theater

Last week, I attended a concert at the Lincoln Theater. It was the first time I had been there since many improvements had been made. I wanted to see the progress and support those who have put so much effort into bringing the 100+ year-old theater back to life. It was good, though I did […]

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Political Stuff

Recently, we found out who filed paperwork to have their names on the ballot for the next city council and mayoral election. While few filed for the available city council seats, three people threw their hat into the ring to be the city’s next mayor. A hat or two might be tossed out of the […]

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