Site Changes

The Decatur Navigator has been online since 2008, and that’s a long time in the online world. The main purpose of the blog has always been my love for writing and Decatur. It’s never been about making money or impressing anyone. It’s just been a place for me to do what I do best, or at least where I always feel my best. This blog is also one of the few things that I’ve never grown tired of doing. I might take vacations from it, but I always come back.

I love doing research, hanging out in a library, digging deep into topics, and learning new things. I am 100% nerd. I’m also not afraid to write about crazy things, but you probably already know that. Of course, I’ll still be writing about Decatur and my usual attempts at humor, but I am going to turn up the quality of writing for some meatier topics.

Some things are going to be removed, and some new things are coming. It was a trip going through the old articles and remembering what I had written. It was also kind of embarrassing, like those photos of me in junior high when I wore parachute pants. Those divorce posts were a hoot, but they had to go. Nobody is sane during a divorce, and I was proof of that. There are also quite a few articles about Covid. Covid sure was a big deal in the beginning!

As the site goes through some more changes, it will periodically go into maintenance mode for brief moments. The site just has a generic look at the moment, but everything should be functional. Thanks for your patience.