A Christmas to Remember

This Christmas marks the third Christmas that I’ve been divorced, and I’ve learned that nothing reminds me of being divorced more than putting up the Christmas tree.  Now, hanging ornaments that were collected over 26 years marriage is about as fun as hanging a collection of dead squirrels.   “Oh, here’s the ornament my sister-in-law made […]

5 mins read

The Mall

Yesterday, I walked inside Hickory Point Mall, better known simply as, “the mall.” I had intended to only shop at Hobby Lobby and then skip over to TJ Maxx, but I was curious to how the actual mall of the mall was doing. It’s not doing good.   I don’t even remember the last time I […]

6 mins read

If You Want To Be Involved, Then Show Up

I’ve been writing this blog since 2008, at times being more politically involved in the community, and so far nothing I’ve witnessed has ever riled up the public more than garbage rates and garbage service.  Way back when, there didn’t use to be a time limit on public comments at the city council meetings, so […]

3 mins read