Covid, Again

I guess we’re in the beginnings of another Covid wave. I’m not sure what is going on everywhere, but I was hit by a wave last week. The fact that Covid isn’t going away is annoying. After it topped the news day-after-day for two years, we all got tired of hearing about it. Most of us got vaccinated and then moved onto the next calamity in the news, or our lives. But, once in a while, Covid shows up at our doorstep to say, hi.

It stopped by last Friday at my house, or actually at work. I didn’t feel well Thursday night, but the symptoms were strange – mostly intense muscle and nerve pain. By Friday morning, I felt a little off but went to work. By Friday afternoon, I was back home in a fetal position, where I stayed for the next 40 hours.

It was either the flu or Covid, I thought. My Labor Day Weekend was a total bust, but by Tuesday I was willing to try to join civilization again, though it wasn’t really a good idea. Looking back, I should have taken off the entire week, because I was not ready for prime time, but I can’t miss a zillion days at work whenever I want to.

Well, once I got to work I was sent for a Covid test, and was not surprised that I tested positive. I had to go to three pharmacies to find a test, but eventually found one. I used to have tests at home that the government sent, but ran out of those.

The funny thing is, after all the theatrics of Covid at the hospital, there didn’t seem to be any protocol in place for sick employees anymore. Nobody knew what to do. Are we supposed to get tested when we’re sick? Are we supposed to even care if we have Covid? The last I heard, we were supposed to go back to work five days after the first onset of symptoms, regardless if we felt better or not.

Well, anyway, I was put on quarantine for a couple of days, and returned to work yesterday. I discovered others had to get tested, and I’m just one of four to test positive. Our own little Covid wave. It makes you feel special, kinda. So, it’s back to wearing masks.

I’ve had Covid a few times, but this was the real deal. I have no idea what strain I have, but it made me feel like I had the flu, not some annoying cold.

I plan to rest this weekend and get better. This is the weather I live for, but I’m not up for any bike riding or outdoor activities. And, true to form, I’ve totally lost the sense of smell and taste. Good old Covid didn’t let me down! It’s still a total pain.

The newest booster is going to be available soon, and it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to get one. It does get old getting shots, but getting sick is worse. Stay well!

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