Missing the Decatur Celebration this Weekend

I’ve seen several people post their memories of the Decatur Celebration on Facebook, since it is the time of year that the annual street party took place in downtown Decatur. It was one of those things, along with the State Fair, and kids going back to school that marked the end of summer. I miss it.

Most of my memories of the Celebration involve food. That was the main reason I went down there. The smell of smoke in the air from all the outdoor grills, I can remember very well. Bumping into old neighbors, co-workers, and friends once a year at the event was always fun. It seems like we were always bouncing into the same people each and every year, and catching up.

I think we can all agree that the Celebration was mismanaged, mistakes were made, money went to who knows where, and it just got too big. It didn’t need to be so flashy, because like me, others went down there just to reconnect and eat. Mostly, Decatur just wanted to eat badly without guilt and see old friends once a year.

Maybe someday we can have something like the Decatur Celebration again.

The Devon Amphitheater is becoming something like the Celebration but on a weekend basis in the summer. I know people who go to concerts every weekend. I’m too low-key for that.

Covid, Covid, Covid

There was no bike riding for me today. I’m recovering from a familiar old foe, Covid. Yes, it’s still around. My symptoms have never been the classic ones. This is the third time I’ve had Covid, so I’m learning the signs.

I don’t get respiratory symptoms to speak of. For me, it’s severe muscle and joint pain and fatigue. I also realized I couldn’t smell things that well, this time around.

I didn’t totally lose my sense of smell, like the first time I had Covid, but everything smelled different. I didn’t even notice it until I found out I had Covid. My eyes also ached, and my mind was foggy, even more than usual. Hopefully next time I’ll recognize the signs sooner.

Covid isn’t anything like a bad cold, at least not for me. Those are easy to identify. Instead, the symptoms of Covid can be so vague and strange. They’re more neurological for me.

Sometimes I wonder what the virus is doing to us long term. Catching the various strains over and over has to have some effect on our immune system. Other viruses are known to cause autoimmune diseases and even cancer. What is Covid doing?

I haven’t had a booster shot since the first time booster shots were available. I don’t remember exactly when that was. It’s probably been close to two years?? The vaccine and the booster always knocked me out for a few days with a high fever and flu symptoms, so I wasn’t too eager to run off and get another shot.

I guess it’s a good idea to get a booster. Who knows.

Well, Covid is still going around, so keep that in mind for those with other health issues. I read that Covid has now taken its place in the top 10 causes of death for Americans, and will likely stay there. So, take care.