Well, It’s Something

It’s a cold, blustery late April Sunday afternoon. Yuck! At least yesterday was nice, and surely warm weather will come back and stay longer soon.

It’s been pretty quiet lately. Not much is going on here. There’s my blog post. Have a nice day.

Well, I’ll try to think up something.

Oh, I went grocery shopping today. It was overpriced, and the only meat that was on sale was organic chicken. So, that’s what I’ll be having all week, with maybe a mid-week reprieve of cheese toasties to break up the monotony. Food prices are absolutely ridiculous. Still!

Decatur Doesn’t Just Smell Like Soybeans Anymore

Another thing I noticed while shopping is something I’ve noticed several times before at Kroger’s and other locations in town. It’s something Pepe Le Pew would be proud of. The smell of skunk. At first, I thought someone may have hit a skunk with their car on the way to Kroger’s, and then I remembered what the smell was. Marijuana. It’s not a good smell. I don’t care if people smoke it, eat it, or do whatever it is they do with it, but I wonder if they know how bad they stink?

I couldn’t imagine trying to date someone who smells like three-day-old roadkill on a hot summer day. That’s exactly what they smell like. I guess if you’re high enough, you wouldn’t care, but eventually you’d come back down to earth and gag. The smell of cigarette smoke is bad enough, but weed takes it to a whole other level.


I’m still trying to decide what concerts I want to attend at the Devon this summer. There’s quite a few good one to choose from. Wait a minute. I did buy tickets to one show, but now I don’t remember which. Uhm, I’ll be back…

It’s the Goo Goo Dolls! It’s not until September, but I got excellent seats to it. I only know one of their songs, but it’s the signature 90s tune, Iris.

Sparse Food Options in Decatur

It’s terrific to have so many musical acts coming to town. Now, I’d like to see some more food options. Decatur is seriously lacking in fast food restaurant variety. While I recently tried a fancy Italian restaurant in Springfield with my daughter’s family (the Olive Garden is better, IMO), many people from Decatur are traveling to Springfield for far less swanky fare.

A co-worker regularly travels to Springfield for seafood – not fancy seafood but Long John Silver’s. Last time, he brought back 50 pieces of fish just to keep in his freezer. I’ve been craving Long John Silver’s, too. And why, oh, why doesn’t Decatur have a Chic-fil-A? That’s like not having a McDonald’s or a Dollar General in town. What city is without either? Decatur is big enough and hungry enough for a few more restaurants.

Oh, and another grocery store would be great, too.

Motorscooter Mama

I signed up for a motorcycle course! Yes, I’ll be spending an entire weekend at Richland learning how to ride a motorcycle. I have no interest in riding one, but even 50 cc scooters require a motorcycle license in Illinois. This should be interesting. I sure hope they have a motorcycle for vertically challenged people like me, or I’m in trouble.

My scooter should be arriving within a week or so. It’s the reason why I can’t afford anything but clearance rack chicken for the next two months. I plan to ride it to work, assuming I pass and survive the motorcycle class. I could wing it at the DMV, but yeah, I don’t think so.

Well, I came up with something. Now I have to decide how I’m going to prepare chicken tonight and tomorrow night and the next night and the next…