This & That, April 2023

The Devon Amphitheater announced another headliner act last week, and the hint given on social media before the announcement was the state of Indiana. I was thinking John Mellencamp, and that would have been sweet! I’d go to that concert in a heart beat, but instead it was that famous Indiana 1960s rock group, the Beach Boys? I’m pretty sure they’re from California, so I’m assuming the beach hint was for Indiana Beach, or maybe I just don’t know enough Beach Boys trivia.

Anyway, the Beach Boys coming to Decatur is pretty awesome! They’re iconic in American music history. They’re the American Beatles, at least according to my parents, who didn’t care for the British music invasion of the 1960s. They were team Beach Boys all the way.

The Beach Boys will be playing on August 17, 2023, in Decatur, and yes some of the original band members are with the group. This isn’t a tribute band. Mike Love, the original lead singer, will be on stage. You can purchase tickets, here.

I’ve realized lately that there’s going to be a lot of tribute bands in the future. Many of the best rock musicians and bands are no longer with us. Even bands and musicians I grew up listening to in the 80s are no more. So, I guess we shouldn’t knock tribute bands so much. They’re keeping great music alive.

Lincoln Theater

I’m still in shock over the renovation of the Lincoln Theater in downtown Decatur. I’d given up all hope that it would ever be restored. It’s always seemed like the big money in Decatur never cared about the Lincoln. I’m not sure why. Instead, it’s been a very blue collar and local small business endeavor to bring it back. That’s more special, anyway.

It’s fantastic to see that the decorative plaster framing the stage is being renovated, as I type this. That’s going to make a huge difference in the appearance of the theater. I’m excited to see what acts the theater will be able to bring in, not just musical acts, but hopefully some plays and comedians. It’s just great to have somewhere to go on a cold winter weekend in Decatur for entertainment.

Violent Crime

What isn’t so great is the number of murders Decatur has already seen this year. It’s insane. I’ve lost count, but it seems like almost every weekend someone is being gunned down. Even a pregnant young mother was killed. While most of us are going to work every day and living our humdrum lives, there’s a whole other culture out there that’s based on drugs, gangs, and violence. It’s beyond sad. I don’t know what the answer is.