Everything is Garbage

I was driving home from the grocery store a few months ago, a thought crossed my mind. “Everything is garbage.” High prices, messed up people, Covid, decaying neighborhoods, crime, and on and on. Later that day, I was scrolling through the Facebook feed and a friend posted the same exact thing in the same words. “Everything is garbage.” It seems like everything about society, the economy, healthcare, politics, morality, is so messed up. Nothing seems right.

Yesterday, I spent $93 at Walmart on garbage bags, an 18-pound bag of dog food (because they no longer sell 20 pounds in order to rip people off more), deodorant, a bag of potato chips, and some chocolate bars to sooth my aching soul. A day’s wage went primarily to garbage bags and dog food. Yeah, things are messed up. It should have only been about $50 in reality money, but in our messed up freaky world, it was twice that.

The only thing that seems right is Mother Nature herself. The sun is still shining. The trees are still trees. Birds are still singing, but in a few years with climate change, who knows what the landscape will look like. Illinois’ climate is predicted to be similar to what the climate of Texas is today, in less than 100 years. I’m assuming Texas is going to be practically inhabitable. Things are changing drastically, and without some major action, this country isn’t going to survive those changes. Heck, I don’t know if we’ll make it to the next decade, considering how messed up our heads are.

Last week, I drove through the center of Decatur and realized that about 40-50% of the city is, in all practicality, being controlled by lawless thugs. We have so many neighborhoods that are lost to gangs and crime. Poverty is bad enough, but when you throw in violent losers, there’s nothing to work with.

It makes me wonder what happened. My grandparents were poor, especially my mom’s parents. They had very little, living as tenant farmers, but I remembered what my grandmother said. “I might only have a shack, but it’s going to be a clean shack.” Her generation seemed to have a sense of pride in who they were, regardless of what they had. This was the Greatest Generation. It was a different mindset for that generation. Maybe just surviving was more admirable than owning a bunch of stuff. I don’t know.

Maybe our messed-up world is due to society continually moving the goal post for success. It used to be a high school diploma, then a college degree, then a higher college degree. A lot of people are drowning in college debt due to those lies.

For about 30 years or so in the United States, unions made a good life possible for us more average Americans. My parents’ generation benefited from it. Obviously, that was something that corporate America couldn’t tolerate. After all, there are stockholders to keep happy at the expense of employees and country.

Where would we even start to fix things? The Republicans have done lost their minds. Look at their last president. I need not submit any further evidence. Talking to a Trump Republican is like talking to someone in the midst of psychosis. I might as well talk to a rubber ball because everything just bounces off. Democrats haven’t completely lost touch with reality, but I’m not confident in what they could do either.

Okay, so we can forget about politicians saving us, so what’s the answer? For me, I’m not going to buy stuff I don’t need anymore. I’m not feeding greedy corporations. I can live more frugally and simply. Do I really need 20, 30, 50 pairs of shoes? No. Do I need a new car every three years? No. Do I need the latest smartphone? Nope. All of that is such a waste, and the happiness from buying such things is short-lived.

This is an old video, but it’s still so relevant. We’ve been conditioned to buy stuff, a lot of stuff we don’t need. It’s ruining us and the environment.

This has been a bit of a rambling post, but there’s a lot to ramble about. Mostly, people just need to live by the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. That alone would solve 90% of human societal issues. Since that isn’t too likely to happen, we need to crack down much harder on crime and greed. Until people rise up and demand better, nothing will get better.

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