This & That

This weekend was kind of a bust for outdoor activities, so I spent the weekend indoors resting. I had plans to go paddle boarding, but that will have to wait till next weekend. Yes, I’m prepared to fall in.

Saturday, I listened to some of my old vinyl records that I hadn’t listened to since the 1980s. Some younger co-workers have quite a library of vinyl records, even thought they were born long after they went out of style. So, I thought it was time for me to embrace what I once knew.

My collection is pretty weak. All I have are a handful of albums I bought at Venture in Northgate Mall when I was 12-13 years old. After that, cassettes became the big thing, and then CDs. It’s not like I could play a vinyl record in my boom box, but I always thought they sounded better than cassettes.

There is something about the sound of vinyl, the placing of a needle on a record, the static and the hissing that soothes the soul. There is a warmth to it that is missing from every other format. So, now I have my listening chair that I Zen out in.

Definitely Not a Harley Rat, More Like a Mouse

Sunday evening, the sun finally peeked out, so I figured it was a good time to practice on the scooter. The paperwork I needed to register it finally came, so now it will be street legal, though I’m not street ready.

I really don’t know how anyone can ride a motorcycle on a highway. Either they have nerves of steel, or absolutely no sense. Personally, I love cruising at about 8 mph. I’d be fine with that. I’m not in a hurry to get to work. That’s what I bought it for, since I live like a mile and half away, but that means I’ll have to do at least 30 mph. I’m not ready!

I can ride an electric bike that can go 28 mph like it’s an extension of me, but I haven’t quite got the feel of an electric moped/scooter. If I see a car coming, I want to head for a ditch, and the throttle is so touchy. I learned that the hard way in my garage. Never push a motorcycle/scooter into your garage with a live throttle. Embarrassing. At least I wasn’t on it when it crashed into the wall.

But, I’m getting a little more confident. I’m able to take off without freaking out, take corners without feeling like the bike will tip over, requiring me to need head-to-toe skin grafts, and tonight I hit 18 mph for like about .2 seconds.

I think next year, I’m going to get a different type of scooter, one with larger diameter wheels. Those little scooter wheels fall into every hole, and don’t feel safe at faster speeds. It would be great for remote country roads, but here in Decatur with all the crazy drivers and terrible road conditions, eh, not so much.

Not the Last of My Kind

Other than that, not much is going on with me. I did take a couple of months off from my business, because I was just burned out. I’ll be getting back to it full force soon, but I needed a break.

Oh, and I’m going to be a grandmother, again! I’m going to have a granddaughter soon, Lord willing. I found out a few days ago that she’s due in early January. This will be my third grandchild and first granddaughter. I have a lot of preparation to do before she gets here. I have to get the game plan in place to ensure she becomes president one day!

I visited my grandkids last weekend, and as I pulled away in the car, I saw my oldest grandson waving in his bedroom window. He didn’t want me to leave, and I thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” I always wanted my grandparents to stay longer, too. It’s such a special relationship.