My Staycation in Decatur

It wasn’t my plan to stay in Decatur on my week-long vacation in June, but a health issue kept me grounded. There were also some family issues to attend to. Yeah, my luck is consistent, if nothing else.

Once I got past my disappointment of missing a planned trip, I made the best of it at home. Okay, I sulked for a few days like a teenage girl in my bedroom, and did pretty close to nothing, but eventually I came out of my cave to see the light.

Devon Amphitheater Entrance

Last night, I went to the Devon Amphitheater to watch a show. I normally work on Friday evenings, so it was a treat to be able to do something on a Friday night. The Cleverlys, a band I admittedly had never heard of before, was playing. I wasn’t sure what type of music they performed, but it was supposed to have comedy mixed in, and I was sure I’d get a laugh here and there, so I took a chance. I’m glad I did, because they were fantastic!

They play contemporary pop music in a southern bluegrass style. Somehow it works. They were even able to convincingly pull off Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”, a Justin Bieber tune, hip-hop and several other genres in a bluegrass upbeat tempo. The comedy was also entertaining and well done.

The Cleverlys

Two encore performances were demanded by the audience, and I believe they’re the first band to have done that at the Devon. I hope they come back to Decatur, and more of the city gets to enjoy them.

There are a few more concerts I have tickets for this summer at the Devon. I’ll be listening to the songs of Boston, Kansas, and Blue Oyster Cult. I couldn’t miss the chance of hearing “Carry On, Wayward Son” from Kansas in person. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” from Blue Oyster Cult is also a classic.

Unfortunately, the original lead singer for Boston has passed, but the band’s new lead singer will be belting out their hits. They have quite a few.

Artfarm in Downtown Decatur
Inside the Artfarm

This morning, I visited the Artfarm in Downtown Decatur. It’s a small shop, across from Central Park, that caries artwork and crafts from local artists. I’d been meaning to visit it for quite some time. Now that the Decatur Celebration is no more, I now know where I can find my one-of-a-kind necklaces, and quirky art.

I have quite a collection of necklaces from the Celebration, accumulated from many years. But these necklaces are better, because they’re made by local artists. It’s always great to support local people. If you’re looking for a unique gift or artwork for your home or business, check it out once in a while.

Work progress on the bike path at Cresthaven Park

Of course, I went biking a few times, earlier in the morning before the afternoon heat. Speaking of biking, I checked on the progress of the bike path extension at Cresthaven Park. Progress is being made at a faster clip. The makings of a visible trail snakes along Steven’s Creek just east of MacArthur Rd. It will eventually link up with Forsyth’s bike path.

Most importantly, I got some much-needed rest on my vacation. It’s been crazy at work since we’re so short-handed. I know a lot of people are dealing with that at a lot of places. I now also understand why a co-worker of mine who retired came back part-time. She said she was bored at home. I get it.

A lot could be said of my job, but being boring is not one of them. It keeps me on my toes, and it’s hard to wind down when I’m home. Would I go so far and say I missed it? One more week, and yeah, I’d be ready to go back. Who knew?

I hope everyone gets a chance to go on vacation this year. I’m going to give it another go in September, but just for a long weekend.