Changes Coming to Lake Decatur

It’s been a sleepy, and uneventful Saturday. Laundry, vacuuming, mopping, that kind of stuff, but it has to be done sometime. So, I decided to add more fun to the day and check out what’s going on with the Decatur City Council. I discovered that the latest meeting discussed an exclusion zone along the northwest edge of Basin 2, that would prohibit private docks from being constructed.

This would help the project be more economically feasible for G & H Marine, since they wouldn’t be competing with private docks renting in the same area. Waivers for private docks could be obtained if the City of Decatur, Park District, and G & H Marine agree. The city voted in favor of the resolution.

Replacing many of the private docks in and near Nelson Park with better constructed docks with a more uniform appearance, has been part of the Park District’s Master Plan for many years.

Speaking of that, the Park District will be unveiling their new master plan on Tuesday, March 29th at the Hickory Point Banquet Facility from 5:15 – 6:15 PM. The meeting will also be available through Zoom at / meeting id: 875 9509 1502 / passcode: parks. I’m eager to see what the new plans entail.

With the popularity of the Devon Amphitheater breathing new life into Nelson Park, and the lakefront, moving forward with G & H Marine made sense. This step will also help facilitate a future marina on Lake Decatur.

The new docks are floating, instead of the more permanent wooden docks in front of the beach house in Nelson Park. They will also be covered.

40 slips are or have already been constructed between Chandler Park and Nelson Park. Another 20 slips will be constructed within the next 12 months, if there is demand. It’s hoped that in the future more marina services will be available such as boat rentals. Lake Decatur currently doesn’t have a full-service marina.

As Councilwoman Gregory said, the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life is the day they buy their boat, and the day they sell it. It makes a lot of sense to just a rent a boat a day or two a year, instead of making payments all year long on one you rarely use.

You can currently rent paddle boards and kayaks through Standing Paddle Company, which will resume business operations in May 2022. It’s great to see the service come back.

You can also check out upcoming concerts at the Devon Amphitheater here. I think many in Decatur are more than ready for warm weather and music by the lake to return.