Preparing For the Worst, Hoping for the Best

Tomorrow, the mask mandate finally ends for most of us, and warm temperatures are forecasted for this week. All in perfect timing for the Russians to nuke us. Really, whoever is writing this awful screenplay needs fired. This storyline stinks.

It’s such crazy times. I’m amazed at how well most of us handled it. It just proves that human beings are extremely resilient. Our species never would have made it this far, if we hadn’t had been. But, we’re also capable of much evil. I don’t know if we’ll be able to survive that.

I hope there is a resolution to the war in Ukraine and that it doesn’t spread. It’s just the same old story of men playing war, empire building, and innocent people paying the price. History is littered with the same tired old tale.

It would be a good idea to have extra water, food, medicine, soaps, detergents, and personal hygiene items at home. And for you younger generations, yes, you can drink water out of your faucet, unless you live in Flint, Michigan.

Fill up empty milk, juice, tea, etc. bottles with water from the faucet. Remember, you’ll need water for cooking, and hygiene too. Don’t run out and buy bottled water. That can get expensive. Instead, use that money for food items.

Speaking of cooking, if you have an electric stove, or if somehow natural gas is cut off, you’ll need a way to cook food. If you have an outdoor grill, make sure you have plenty of propane. Camping stoves are a good idea. Forget your spring yard cleanup and hang on to all those downed tree limbs and branches in your yard. You might need them. Keep some firewood on hand, if you can.

It’s also a good idea to have some cash. Even though, I said I would never use debit cards, I too rarely have cash on me. Without the internet, or if banking institutions are shut down, you won’t be able to buy anything. Keep some cash on hand.

Don’t panic buy at the grocery store, instead just add a few extra items every week to build up an emergency supply. Really, we should always have at least 1-2 weeks of food and water at home at all times.

Choose non-perishable items like rice, beans, canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat, soups, cereal (you can always eat cereal dry without milk), granola bars, protein bars, and other items that will keep. Remember your pets and have extra food for them too.

This is about the worst time to ask somebody to buy more grocery items, considering many grocery store shelves go bare daily and inflation and price gouging is out of control, but do what you can.

If you are on any medications that you need to continue taking daily, try to have an extra supply. That can be very hard to do, considering insurance companies won’t pay if it isn’t time for a refill, and some medications are controlled. Speak to your doctor, if you have concerns.

Make sure to have first aid items and over the counter medicines like Tylenol, Aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, etc., at home at all times.

Having a portable battery powered radio at home is also important. It may be the only way you’ll be able to get information. Of course, have extra batteries, or buy a hand crank or solar-powered radio. Remember flashlights and batteries for them too.

Right now, I’m glad I’m a Gen Xer who remembers the world before the internet and smartphones. I don’t think I’d lose my mind like younger people would…at least not as much.

Along those lines, have some books, puzzles, board games, etc., for yourself and your kids. A lot of us have forgotten how to live without our smartphones and video games, and some never have lived without them, so you better have something to do. If a nuclear warhead doesn’t kill us, dying of boredom will!

I hope all of this is completely unnecessary, but it’s something to think about. Be prepared at home.

For more information on what you should have at home, visit the Red Cross.