Decatur’s Ghost Stories

It’s just a week away from Halloween, and that means ghost stories, visiting Greenwood Cemetery, and eating caramel apples, double-dipped of course, from Del’s Popcorn. I haven’t visited Greenwood or Del’s yet, but tonight I’ll write about some ghost stories. Decatur has its notorious haunted locations such as the Culver House, Millikin University, Greenwood Cemetery, […]

9 mins read

Biking in Decatur

This morning I went on a chilly but beautiful fall bike ride along Decatur’s bike path. I think the official name is Steven’s Creek Bikeway, but there are segments that are called something else, or maybe I’m wrong. Whatever it’s name, it’s one of the best things about living in Decatur. I wouldn’t even consider […]

5 mins read

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Did a Great Thing

For the past few weeks you may have heard of the name Lt Col Stuart Scheller, the incarcerated Marine who called for accountability of top military leaders over the woefully carried out last days of the war in Afghanistan. I’m very proud to say that Stuart, or Stu as he is known by family and […]

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