Low Points

I have come to hate grocery shopping. From the ripoff prices, to the crowds, to the bare shelves, to the cruddy looking floors, it’s just miserable. Maybe it isn’t where you are, but here in Decatur, grocery shopping has become a dreaded chore. After a lousy day, it just becomes a breaking point.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for apples to buy. Most had been picked over, but there were some bagged ones left. 3 lbs of apples were going for close to $9. $9! For apples? Do they have pearls growing inside them? How many times have we heard that money doesn’t grow on trees, so you can’t expect much of it. But here we have a food that literally grows on trees. They should be practically free!

Today I overheard a woman trying to find a single lime in the produce section, but the only ones available came in 5lbs bags. Who the heck buys 5 pounds of limes? Nobody needs that many limes, unless they own a 7up factory.

As I zigzagged through the crowed aisles like a pro football tight end, I came upon the mayonnaise. Of course, the cheaper options were already sold out. All that was left was organic salmon flavored peppercorn, or something like that, from some company I never heard of. I decided to go without.

Then I came to the eggs, and for the past few weeks I’ve never been able to find a carton of just a dozen eggs. They all have 18. I don’t need 18 eggs. I only want to pay for 12 eggs!

With Labor Day being tomorrow, of course I bought items for cheeseburgers on the grill, but surprise (not) the only American sliced cheese left was organic, fat free, and expensive. Fat free cheese is like watermelon without water.

And I don’t know how it’s possible, because I could barely find anything to put in the cart, but I spent $75 and came home with 1.3 meals for the week. We’re going to be eating a lot of eggs.

Decatur needs another grocery store.

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