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Over the next few weeks you’ll see quite a few changes on the Decatur Navigator. I’m going to bring back some of what I enjoyed about the site from long ago. The Decatur Navigator began way back in 2008 and since then it’s been an on again/off again love affair for me.

Life has gotten in the way many times as I went back to college, started another business and got a day job. My intention was to always come back though I know it’s impossible to ever go back and recreate something from the past, so I have new things in mind.

Most of us have been caught up in national politics since it’s been so, well, crazy lately. It’s taken our attention off of local issues which is sad because, while we can’t do much about the national scene, there’s a lot we can do locally – any one of us can make a difference. Just voting makes a tremendous difference since so very few people vote in local elections.

I know the era of the blog died when social media took over which is a shame because social media is very shallow. It’s just quick snippets of thoughts and has turned most of us into very lazy Monday morning quarterbacks about a lot of issues. We talk a lot but we do little.

Trying to work the site around today’s realities is going to be a challenge. Local newspapers are struggling and journalism itself is practically an endangered species. News isn’t really news anymore – most of it is thinly veiled activism.

I’m not saying that I don’t have my own agenda. This is a personal blog after all but I do want to bring something enjoyable and valuable to people, even if it’s just attempts at humor.

I plan to incorporate a lot of videos into the mix, more interactive content, and just hopefully good stuff. The site is going to be less personal – much less about me and more about the community, so a lot of the old content will be disappearing.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be starting again and doing something that I have always enjoyed. I’ve missed this site and I’ve missed Decatur. I’ve missed you, if there’s any of you that have hung on out there.

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