Scary and uncertain times brings out qualities and behaviors in people that are sometimes difficult to accept or understand. I’ve been appalled by many of the comments I’ve read on social media from local citizens.

I’m absolutely disappointed by how fickle people have become. Have we always been this mean and stupid or are we just more aware of it now?

When all of this started I think most people were on board for staying home and protecting the most vulnerable. That lasted about two weeks and then the conspiracy theories began to be shared, armed protests in Michigan occurred, President Trump jumped on the redneck dummy wagon, and now there are people who think that Covid-19 isn’t even real. The numbers are fake.

Nurses are recording every patient death as being Covid related so the hospital can make more money.

Governor Pritzker ordered the lockdown to enrich himself and the Macon County Department of Health is exaggerating the death count. Those people didn’t really die of Covid-19. They died of old age but happened to test positive for the virus before dying.


People! What the …? I am so glad it wasn’t our generation that had to deal with World War II because we’d be speaking German or Japanese right now. We suck!


Apparently we are incapable of putting away partisan hateful nonsense even during a pandemic. We can only sacrifice for each for a few days and then you’re on your own grandma. You’ve lived long enough. I want a haircut and I want it now!

What is wrong with people today? Seriously, what is wrong?

Yeah, I miss Hobby Lobby and church but I’m not going to risk killing others or myself for it. I can wait a few more weeks.

Health officials and researchers are still trying to get a handle on the virus and they’re making progress. That takes time for crying out loud.

By June, I’m expecting most businesses to reopen in our area. It’s just a couple more weeks and I’m okay with waiting. I’ve been through far worse in life than this and I imagine everyone else has too.

Just hang in there and do what you know is right. Yeesh! Not everything is political.


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