Starting Again

It’s almost Christmas and here I am writing once again on the Decatur Navigator. For several years this blog was a big part of my life and it feels strange to be back starting all over again from scratch.

When I began the blog in 2008 my kids were still young (and so was I) and I was in a different stage of life.

A lot of things have changed so I’m not going to try to replicate what things once were because that’s always futile; instead I’m going to go about things a little differently and we’ll see how things go!

Decatur has changed since 2008 as well. The same ole struggles remain however. Few job opportunities, declining populations, urban decay. Yep, that’s still part of Decatur.

There’s also good things that I’m looking forward to in 2019 like a new amphitheater, waterpark, and an extended rail line at Scovill Zoo.

Thanks to Buffet, we’ll be seeing a new health care campus near downtown in a once blighted area.

There’s also an election coming up for mayor and several city council seats. We may be seeing some big changes there.

And it looks like another recession is coming down the pipe soon and they always hit Decatur harder and last longer here than in most communities.

Always challenges! But that’s life.

I’m looking forward to writing again about Decatur and offering my two cents.

Well, mostly I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and let you know how much I’m looking forward to 2019, come what may.

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