I’m Back!

After I believe over a year, the Decatur Navigator blog is back!  I’m sure I’m more happy about this than anyone else but I am happy to be blogging again.

I took the year off after graduating from college, building up an online business and starting a new job.  It’s been a very busy 2018.

I started the Decatur Navigator in 2008 and always enjoyed writing for it, following local politics and all things Decatur.  It was always such a good experience for me but I just didn’t have time to devote to it and my attention was drawn in a thousand different directions.

But the blog is back and I’m looking forward to writing again, especially for fun.  It stinks just doing things to make money.  I’m much more civic-minded than business- minded, although I enjoy the challenge of starting up a new business.  Now that it’s off the ground, I can get back to where I came from.

Hope you enjoy what the site will become, whatever that will be.

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