Ma Google and AI

It’s hot and I don’t like it. The end. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Otherwise, I’ve been busy fixing, and resurrecting my online business. Apparently, it got hacked a while back, or something strange happened, and the site hadn’t been functioning. I wasn’t aware. I figured the drop in traffic […]

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The Cave

It’s been three weeks since shoulder surgery, and I’ve been binge-watching my favorite bike touring channel on YouTube, Roland & Julianna: Bicycle Tourists. Even if you have no plans to ever go on a bike tour, I’d recommend watching their trip across the United States and France. The videos are professionally edited, narrated beautifully, and […]

6 mins read

What a Week

The last week has been interesting. A week ago, I had the stitches removed from my shoulder, and replaced with steri-strips and skin glue. I was glad to get rid of the stitches, until the next day. When the glue was applied, it immediately itched, but I didn’t think much of it. By the evening, […]

3 mins read

Too Much Time on My Hands

It’s been 9 days since shoulder surgery and things are coming along. Today, I’m feeling pretty good. My shoulder no longer hurts at rest, or just being attached to my body. The range of motion is still really limited, but at least I’m not laying in bed with an ice pack on my shoulder. Last […]

4 mins read

The Cicadas and I

If you’ve been outdoors, I’m sure you have encountered the cicadas by now. I thought my neighborhood had been spared the worst, but yesterday proved me wrong. There was explosion of cicadas. Apparently, this particular brood of cicadas occurs every 17 years. The funny thing is, I don’t remember them 17 years ago. I think […]

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Decatur Needs More Housing Options

Another busy weekend, running around with my head cut off, and I think I’ve finally come to the realization that I need to downsize. Trying to take care of the house inside and out, paying high property taxes, and knowing I couldn’t afford any major repairs when needed, has convinced me that I need to […]

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Rock Springs/Scovill Park West Bike Trail

It looks like a new segment of the Rock Springs bike trail will be constructed soon, linking Rock Springs with Scovill Park West, known as the former Scovill Golf Course. A state grant recently funded repaving the former golf cart paths. It’s a beautiful place to walk or ride a bike, though you may have […]

4 mins read

Garbage, Downtown Hotel, & Demos

There are trigger words in Decatur that cause blood pressure to rise, knives to be drawn, and blood to be spilled. “Garbage.” “Waste Management.” “Yard Waste Removal.” Say any of those words, and you’ll be in for an earful. I’ve written about it before, but garbage service in Decatur is handled about as well as […]

10 mins read

Site Changes

The Decatur Navigator has been online since 2008, and that’s a long time in the online world. The main purpose of the blog has always been my love for writing and Decatur. It’s never been about making money or impressing anyone. It’s just been a place for me to do what I do best, or […]

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Some Blasts from the Past!

Nip and Tuck are back! Although I didn’t know they had names way back when, the two concrete porpoises that once graced the former Landmark Mall in downtown Decatur have been restored. They had been out of public view for decades, apparently stored behind a park district shed, after being removed from downtown. The sculptures […]

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