decatur il waterpark

I’m finishing up the second week of my last quarter at school.  I knew it would be hard to get back into the swing of things after attending my commencement ceremony last month.  Mentally, I was finished with school and ready to move on.  In reality, I still have a few classes to finish this summer to complete my degree.  It’s like winning the Super Bowl and instead of going to Disneyland to celebrate, I had to go back and win another playoff game. It’s been hard to concentrate.


Yesterday my family visited Knight’s Action Park in Springfield.  Can you believe I had never been to that waterpark?  It’s true- I never had.  We all had a good time but something became very obvious in regards to the waterpark Decatur is planning.  I’ve visited other much larger waterparks including Great Wolf Lodge and Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells, Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana and Raging Rivers in Grafton, Illinois.  They’re all a little bit different but by far the most popular features for adults are the lazy rivers and wave pools.

I still think it’s a big mistake to not include either one of those in Decatur.  Slides are neat but who wants to stand in line forever and climb hundreds of stairs over and over?  Not me!  I remember reading that the waterpark is being geared towards kids and I think that’s a big mistake.  Every successful waterpark I’ve been to caters to all ages.

What are parents and grandparents going to do while the young people are on the slides?  Be bored out of our minds?  Plus kids love lazy rivers and wave pools too.  They get sick of standing in line as well.  I understand there’s going to be a pool but that’s not enough, especially if it’s too crowded.  I think they should ditch a couple of the fancy slides and give what almost everybody has been requesting – a lazy river.

It’s like a fast-food restaurant not serving french fries because they want to be different, even though their customers are expecting and wanting french fries.  That’s silly.  Unless you have something way more spectacular than french fries as a side to a cheeseburger, you better keep fries on the menu.




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