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My Endorsements for Mayor and City Co...


Well,  I watched and listened to our four mayoral candidates tonight at the Decatur Civic Center.  The debate was hosted by the Herald & Review and moderated by Gary Sawyer. It was much better attended than the city council forum held a week earlier. I came away with a clear sense of who I’ll be […]

Internships Can Be A Gamble


It’s decision time!  I have been offered an internship with the U.S. Forestry Service that I would like to work for in the future, however when I learned what the job description was for this particular position, I was a little disappointed.  It isn’t a bad job but it wouldn’t teach me the technical skills  […]

Voter Interest in City Council Race L...


Last night I was one of the 12 citizens of Decatur who attended the city council candidate forum at the Civic Center, hosted by the Herald & Review.  I’m not going to go into great detail regarding the debate because I’m sure it is available for viewing on the Herald & Review website but I […]

Rauner Is Having An Impact on Decatur...

New landscaping around the Transfer House.

Decatur’s mayoral race is turning into a battle of labor vs business since Governor Rauner launched his “empowerment zone” idea in Decatur a few months ago.  In an otherwise sleepy campaign season, the right-to-work issue is garnering major contributions from labor organizations to current mayor Mike McElroy’s opponent G.E. Livingston.  McElroy has been receiving contributions […]

Volunteering at the Zoo


I recently began volunteering at Scovill Zoo, and since the beginning of February, I have been going to weekly classes and learning about animals.  I was surprised by the quality of the educational program.  As someone who has taken quite a few biology/ecology classes in college, the amount of material covered has been impressive.  There […]

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