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Volunteering at the Zoo


I recently began volunteering at Scovill Zoo, and since the beginning of February, I have been going to weekly classes and learning about animals.  I was surprised by the quality of the educational program.  As someone who has taken quite a few biology/ecology classes in college, the amount of material covered has been impressive.  There […]

A Summer Full of Adventure… Wit...


Looks like I landed my first internship in Blackduck, Minnesota. I’m happy but at the same time, I’m nervous about it too. It’s eleven hours from Decatur in northern Minnesota, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  But when you think about it, Decatur is kinda in the middle of nowhere too.  I’m just used […]

City Council Race Information 2015

Transfer House

Now that I’m done with all my major assignments for another term at school, I can spend some time writing about the upcoming municipal election! Woohoo!  I expect the turnout to be low, as it always as for such elections, however I’m not sure how people are leaning this time around. This is the first […]

Using MyFitnessPal To Lose Weight


Some people have asked me how I have lost weight and the answer is very simple.  I eat less and I exercise more.  That’s the only diet that works!   Because most of us are guilty of underestimating how many calories we’re eating and overestimating how many we’re burning, it is important to have a tool […]

Here We Go Again, Losing Weight


A couple days ago I celebrated losing 20 pounds after 83 days of being on a diet, and though I have a long way to go to meet my goal, it was great reaching that number.  This time I hope to keep it off. I lost 20 pounds three years ago but gained it all […]

Oldies But Goodies, Maybe?