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Construction on a new bike path linking Fairview Park to Greendell Park, which is just north of 121 (Pershing Road) is about to begin.  The construction was set to begin last year but due to funding issues and high bids the project was put on hold.  It’s a go now.  I’m very much looking forward to the path’s completion.  It will be just west of the Ravina/Home Park area – my neck of the woods.

I took my bike out for a spin last night and this morning and I’m definitely going to have to work up to riding all the way to Fairview Park and back.  I don’t think I’d try it now without an ambulance riding behind me.  My thighs were like jelly after my short ride this morning.  I thought walking three miles a day on the treadmill would have me better prepared – nope!  Entirely different muscle groups are involved.  I already have a new bicycle seat ( or saddle if you’re into bicycle jargon) on its way.  I’ve had my bicycle for 20 years and the seat it came with has no padding and no springs.  Why?  I have no idea.  That’s like having a sofa stuffed with crushed brick.  Needless to say, that seat is a torture device and it has to go. Should have gotten rid of it a long time ago.

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Within a few weeks an architectural firm will be selected to help create the master plan for Nelson Park.  In talks that I’ve had with Bill  Clevenger, executive director of the Decatur Park District, and Jack Kenny, a park board board commissioner, the public will have a chance to be part of the process.  The time is now to get your ideas sent to Mr. Clevenger directly or at an upcoming town hall meeting.  The meetings don’t have specific dates yet but I’ll post them here when I catch word of them.

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I also want to thank the park district for sending a representative to our neighborhood group meeting last month.  She spoke about the proposed bike trail that will go near the Home Park and Ravina Park neighborhoods.  Hopefully funding will come through for the project.

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I’m back from Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington – no cage can contain me!  I hadn’t been up there for a few years but I was impressed with their new spray park and mini-golf course.  The kids saw it and wanted the same thing for Decatur and so do I!  I’d  just like it bigger and even better.  If ideas are still being taken for Nelson Park, I’d encourage our park board to mosey on up to Bloomington and take a gander.

The spray park is free.  Their mini-golf course looks new too and located right by the spray park.

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Miller Park, Bloominton


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