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I always find myself forgetting events that are coming up, even ones I intend to attend, so if I post them here – maybe I won’t forget! (And you won’t either!) Here’s a rundown of some of the Lincoln events that are planned for the Spring and Summer in Decatur:

The Decatur Area Arts Council will be hosting “Portraying Lincoln: Man of Many Faces” beginning June 5th and ending July 31st. This exhibit will feature artwork, with Abraham Lincoln the subject, from several different artists from the mid-19th century to today.

Of course the Shadows of Lincoln Festival is June 7th in Downtown Decatur from 10am – 4pm.

For more details on these and other events, click here.

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I ran across an interesting video clip on the Kirk-Out blog. This is a blog aimed at discussing fine arts in Decatur – a subject near and dear to my heart! Check it out. It speaks so true about the lack of art education in our public schools – especially grade schools! Just more failures of No Child Left Behind.

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Gary Sawyer, the editor for the Herald & Review, had an interesting article in today’s newspaper. It was about the sometimes rocky relationship between traditional media and these new fangled, sometimes controversial outlets, called blogs. Being a blogger, I’ve given some thought to what positive effect blogs have, if any, on current events. Sawyer was right when he said some blogs are just “downright disgusting”. This political season has brought out some of the nastiest qualities in humanity online for the whole world to see! I sure hope the Martians can’t receive Earthling broadband because we’re not painting the prettiest picture of ourselves over here! The most ridiculous discussion I’ve encountered lately, was some guy who called Hillary Clinton a slut, from a picture he saw of her during her college days – I’d link to the discussion but the language is just too disgusting. This guy was all upset because Hillary had “long, flat hair” and had the nerve to wear glasses and sandals of all things! Yes, that’s the picture that forms in my mind when I think of a dime-store floozy. Huh? I guess he prefers women with big hair! (Here’s the offending photo) Personally, I think she just looks like a nerd – actually, she looks like me! (I dig those groovy pants!)

I’ve pretty much given up on many blogs out there because it always ends up the same – people talking in circles defending their point of view while tearing down someone else’s. I’ve had second thoughts about having a blog of my own for several reasons; one, because I didn’t think anyone would really read it, secondly, because I worried that someone would read it 😉 and lastly, I didn’t want to make myself look like just another know-it-all jerkette. What does my opinion mean? No more than anyone else’s I suppose. But when you think about it, blogs are the purest form of democracy – just not the purest form of good humanity! “But you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have – the facts of blogs!”

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Obviously this nation is facing something it never has before – the real prospect of electing a black man for our president. If you read through any of my other posts, most of them anyway, you’ll quickly find out I’ve been a Hillary Clinton supporter from day one. However, I have a feeling I’m going to have to switch allegiance pretty soon to Obama, unless Hillary puts up some huge upsets in the remaining primaries. This has brought up some interesting thoughts on race – something that most people don’t want to talk about but I’m just crazy enough to discuss anyway.

I remember my first meeting with a client of mine, who is the pastor of predominately black church here in Decatur. I remember going into the office and seeing pictures of the pastor’s children on his desk and was amazed. “Black people take pictures of their children?” Then his wife brought me bottled water and I noticed the brand. “I buy that brand too!” I even noticed the hardwood floors and thought. “That’s the same species of wood as in my house!” How silly this all sounds but that’s what I was thinking. It’s kind of like Bill O’Reilly being amazed of seeing black people in a restaurant using utensils to eat their food. It’s dawned on me during this political season how truly segregated black and white people still are in 2008 and how completely ignorant we are of one another!

To educate myself better, I’ve even considered attending my client’s church some Sunday as sort of a “cultural exchange” mission. If I could stop looking at the floors and pews long enough from trying to discern their species of wood, I’d probably find that black and white churches have a lot of things in common besides the wood they use in their construction. I’d probably find people a lot like me – as scary as that may be!

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(Above Photo: Exotic Imports Car Lot Movie Location – Downtown Decatur. This is an updated photo taken on Sunday, May 4th. Notice the snow! How cool is that!)

The Matt Damon movie “The Informant” is about to begin shooting in Decatur! The first visible sign of the movie that you can visit, is the old Firestone service center downtown, which has been temporarily converted into an exotic car sales lot. So far, the “exotic” cars haven’t appeared, so I’m assuming filming will start as soon as the Mercedes, Porsche’s and Lamborghinis roll in. I’m guessing Mark Whitacre didn’t shop for Chevy’s and Ford’s.

To think that my eyes have looked at a building that Matt Damon’s eyes will soon rest upon is just too much! I may have even walked upon sidewalks that his very feet have already touched. Forget about the Shadows of Lincoln monuments – we have Matt Damon!

May 8th Update

I saw a friend at my daughter’s orchestra concert held at MacArthur High School last night and she showed me a picture she had taken of Matt Damon with her cell phone at the mall. It was up close, personal and everything! So far, all I’ve been able to capture is the residual energy of his presence at the Beach House and the downtown car lot scene. I did drive my car through a puddle left behind by the melting snow though 🙂 …. Rumor has it that shooting will be going on this Saturday (May 10th) at the courthouse. I’ll be there, if I’m not carted away by security!

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