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As a Clinton supporter this election year, boy has it been rough. I’ve watched Clinton lose, be written off, win unexpectedly, lose again, get written off again, win unexpectedly again, win some states but lose the delegate count, win other states that, oops sorry, don’t count this time around, be written off again….I’m nauseous from the ride! The only thing I’ve really enjoyed these long painful disappointing months (Hillary what happened!) are the Saturday Night Live skits of Clinton, Obama and McCain.

This skit has Senator Clinton answering President Obama’s 3 AM call…

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I finally found them! The pelicans at Lake Decatur that have been on the news lately, were hovering above my car with the strong wind currents above South Shores Friday.

At first I thought they were sea gulls but I realized they were much too large, plus the black tips of their wings revealed their true identity. Of course, this was the last part of the lake I thought to look. I drove around nearly the entire lake thinking they were camped out in the shallow waters by Rea’s Bridge behind Richland – well I was close except they were south, while I was north; west while I was east. Hum. My psychic powers have been letting me down lately!

Anyway, if you want to catch a glimpse of the big birds before they leave, they’re along the Grove Road area. Don’t ask me directions. I went cross-country across dirt paths and one-lane roads until I found them. You may need to use your imagination a bit with these pictures but believe me there’s pelicans in them!

Pelicans Pelicans

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It appears that some of Decatur’s city council members are reluctant to go ahead with plans to build a replica cabin of Lincoln’s first home near Decatur. The hope was to have a cabin ready by Lincon’s 200th birthday in 2009. The last I heard, Kim Bauer the director of Decatur’s Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, was pursuing a period cabin (1830 -ish) or at least its logs, to use on the project. I’m not sure how that’s gone but it looks like the 2009 target is iffy at best. Obviously the biggest concern from some on the council, including the mayor, is that the state isn’t willing to provide much for the facility – other than what they already provide. Protecting the site with 24 hour security measures, building a visitor center, and hiring personnel would rest entirely upon the city’s financial shoulders. Now some on the council are wondering if the money collected for the project should be spent elsewhere.

Macon County CourthouseThat’s got me to thinking…maybe it would be better to concentrate on promoting our downtown area, where Lincoln often visited, gave his first political speech, practiced as an attorney, was first nominated for president, and coined the “Railsplitter Candidate” . I’ve thrown this idea out there before – so have others. Councilman Dan Caulkins has suggested relocating the museum complex to somewhere along Eldorado Street. View the video. I agree that it needs to be in a different location than it is now. I’d prefer that it be located in downtown Decatur at Lincoln Square for several reasons:


1 . The historical significance of the area – this is where Lincoln gave his first political speech and where a sculpture of Lincoln now stands.

2. The original courthouse was located on the southwest corner of Lincoln Square; a marker is already present. I never even noticed the marker it until a saw an article in the Herald & Review about it.

3. The Lincoln Sqaure Theatre is nearby.

4. Merchant Street and other downtown shops would benefit.

5. The recent West Main improvements would link the museum to other historic homes.

6. Visibility and location. The museum would be at the center of town along U.S. 51.

7. The newly restored Transfer House is a short walk away.

8. Art galleries & restaurants are nearby.

9. The new Lincoln sculptures commissioned by the city would also be short walks away and make for a nice walking tour.

10. Lincoln Square has a unique and interesting history that I think others would enjoy learning. Several fires have changed the look of the square throughout our city’s history. The Transfer House once stood in the center of the square making this the center of town. When I look at the square today it hardly reflects anything it used to be.


The museum that I have in mind, I’ll be posting artist sketches soon, would only be able to house the original courthouse and maybe a couple other buildings that currently comprise prairie village at the museum complex. Maybe the other buildings could be relocated somewhere along West Main? I don’t know…

Parking – I also have an idea for a new parking facility that would serve the museum and Lincoln Square Theatre.

Costs – Of course this is the real clinker, how do we pay for it? Anybody know any generous millionaires? The tax money that we’ve collected and are continuing to receive from the hotel and motel tax probably wouldn’t be enough – at least not in the near future. Obviously private donations and state grants (ha ha) would be needed.

So what do you think?

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Windows’ latest update for Vista crashed my laptop computer – my Dell XPS M1530 – boy that sure sounds like a sexy name for a computer doesn’t it? It kind of reminds me of something Marvin the Martian would say. He was that famous Looney Tunes character that was always aiming his death ray at Earth; the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator (said in a nasally tone) that was going to blow up our planet because it blocked his view of Venus. Somehow Bugs Bunny would always outsmart him and save our beloved Earth. Uhm, looks like Bugs would come in handy right about now for my laptop! I’m not even sure what Vista update this is called but it was a rather lengthy process – like 8 updates in all. I thought, boy it’ll be like having a new computer after all those updates – it should run like a fine tuned racing machine now! Well, after the updates my computer ran more like a horseless carriage – complete with the hand-crank ignition! Once I turned the computer back on, it went directly to safe mode, which is not a good sign. The computer didn’t even recognize me. What? After all this time we’ve spent together! How rude! I got the “user profile service failed” message (without the nasally tone) each time I clicked on my user icon. “Sorry, but you don’t exist anymore on this computer, I hate you, go eat dirt!” Ok, maybe I threw that line in there but that’s what it felt like.

Luckily, I still have my old ancient desktop computer, which I have affectionately named “Big Bertha”, which runs XP, to search the Internet for a cure for my laptop. It takes 10 minutes to fire up but that old clunker has saved me about 4 times now with the untimely deaths and illnesses of other “sexier” laptops. Now I’m not sure if this is the only way, or the best way to get back to speaking terms with your unresponding laptop, but here we go:

1. Fire up your computer and hit F8 as soon as the system turns on.

2. Choose SAFE MODE and hit enter.

3. Once you’re in safe mode click on the start button and type in “SYSTEM RESTORE” – without the quotes and go up on the menu where it appears and select it.

4. Just follow the instructions from there. Windows should tell you the recommended action – like restoring the computer to before the update!

After that I would suggest turning off Automatic Updates until you find out it’s safe to install any new ones. Sometimes programs and drivers installed on your computer will be incompatible with an update – you just never know!

I would also suggest backing up your important files on a CD or DVD often. I can’t stress that enough!

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Tonight the city council will be discussing possible plans for the Lincoln Homestead State Park near Decatur. The hope is to build a replica cabin on the location of Abraham Lincoln’s first Illinois home. A cabin has been there in the past but was often the victim of vandalism; thus security and upkeep of the facility is a high priority of the city. The city was hoping to receive significant help from the state but it looks like the bulk of the project will rest on Decatur’s shoulders. Revenue gathered from the Lincoln Heritage Project Fund would pay for the upgrades. I’ll have a run-down on my take of the meeting tomorrow, in the meantime you can view the council memorandum which details what the state is willing to do – which isn’t much!


Well, I didn’t get the chance to view the council’s discussion on the fate of the Lincoln Homestead State Park, however I did attend a meeting of the Decatur’s gifted program, in which my daughter is a student (a chip off the ol’ block 😉 ) and got to view the proposed plans for the new gifted center that will reside on much of the unused space on the second floor of the Decatur Public Library. This center will cater to 2nd-6th graders. $1.6 million dollars is needed to fund the project and the school district is hoping to raise some community support and dollars. The project includes special classrooms, an auditorium, a science lab and even a recording studio. If money can be secured, the facility could be ready by August. So if you know of any millionaires who are looking for good tax right offs…:)

I’ll be discussing the park in a future post.

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