The Decatur Navigator is a blog focusing on the issues of Decatur, Illinois – plus other things I happen to find interesting – which could be about anything!  I am a life-long resident of Decatur, tree hugger, and history buff.  I try not to take things too seriously, so hopefully, you’ll get a laugh here and there.  I enjoy writing, traveling, nature and photography.  I have two kids.  My daughter attends MacArthur High School and my son attends LSA. I also have two dogs, two fish and one cat.  The cat is the king of the house, of course.

I’m currently studying environmental science at Columbia College and Oregon State majoring in natural resources, with a minor in fisheries and wildlife.

Kris Hay-Disney

If you would like to send me fan or hate mail, my address is: kris@decaturnavigator.com


Community Memberships

Decatur Area Arts Council
Oak Grove Church of the Nazarene
Rock Springs Prairie Heritage Group

Favorite Movies:

  • Shrek 1, 2, 3…
  • Back to the Future 1 and 3 (The second one, eh…)
  • Indiana Jones 1 and 3 (What is it with second movies?)
  • Anything with Katharine Hepburn
  • Gone with the Wind
  • The Mummy (Modern version)


  • I read mostly historical non-fiction. Yes I am THAT exciting! My favorite subjects are: Abraham Lincoln and ancient civilizations.  If I do read fiction, I pick up a newspaper.


  • I used to watch the History Channel when it had history on it. Now I watch H2 and the Food Network.
  • Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. I could watch her vacation in a hole in the ground and still find her entertaining.
  • Little House on the Prairie (On every channel in the world twelve times a day!) – I’ve watched every single episode at least 500 times but still enjoy it. They just don’t make shows like that anymore.
  • Netflix – I don’t know why we pay for cable.  I usually wind up watching old tv shows and movies on Netflix.
  • Ghost Hunters, Ancient Aliens, Decoded and other guilty pleasures that I probably shouldn’t admit I watch.
  • WAY TOO MUCH cable news.

Other extremely important facts about me:

  • I prefer Pepsi over Coke
  • Cardinals over Cubs
  • Democrat over Republican
  • Chevy over Ford
  • Munsters over The Adams Family
  • Mary Ann over Ginger
  • Cheese Toastie over Grilled Cheese