I’m Not Loving It Here

I haven’t been writing much about Decatur lately for a few reasons. One, Decatur has been depressing and two, I have a lot of my own issues to deal with.  I used to enjoy trying to come up with ideas to help poor, beat up ole Decatur but I’m just tired of it.  It reminds me of an old car I kept too long.  The intention to bring it back to its glory was always there but the money never was.  The car wound up in the scrap yard and sometimes I feel like that’s where Decatur is headed too.

Every year (decade) we face the same problems and the vast majority of them stem from a lack of jobs.  Oh, I know those marketing Decatur will say there’s lots of jobs and that people just don’t have the right skill set.  That is true for some of the jobs but after being on the job hunt myself for a few months I can honestly say that most jobs out there are just weird.  I don’t even know what they are.  What happened to secretarial or clerical positions?  Are they called something else now?  Almost every job has some weird title that makes it a mystery as to what exactly you’d be doing and then they want 5 years of experience doing something that nobody could possibly have experience in because it’s so specialized or just so plain weird.

Yeah, there might be 1,000 jobs on Indeed for Decatur but most of the listings are repeated over and over again and then there’s the work at home scams, private massage therapists positions (you want me to massage what…), customer service positions which nobody in their right mind would do for any amount of pay, and lots of medical positions that require training that isn’t available at any college within a 1,500-mile radius.  If you take out all of the repeated entries and scams, there’s probably only about 12 legit jobs available in Decatur at any one time.  Okay, maybe more than 12 but I bet the real number is closer to 12 than 1,000.

Yes, I did major in a field that has fewer positions than many but I also live in a part of the country where there’s very little interest in conservation or managing natural resources.  To our city leaders the only good tree is a chopped down tree because  that will make our city more beautiful.  They said that, not me.

I don’t have much hope of finding anything around here and with the Trump administration, I don’t have much hope at the federal level either since he’s gutted every agency that has anything to do with conservation or the environment.  My only hope is moving to a state that is run by Democrats, maybe California or Oregon but then I’m kinda stuck here.

My husband has a good job and probably wouldn’t be able to find anything as good anywhere else but there’s absolutely nothing here for me.  I feel like an overeducated bum. I went through all those years of school and I have no options but to get a divorce and move to the left coast. If I stay here I’ll probably work a crappy job (hopefully not a private massage therapist) that I could have gotten without the degree, or I guess, I could always just shoot myself.   Yeah, I don’t have any good options.  This is the most aggravating city in the world to live in!  That’s why I haven’t been writing about it.  I’m sick of Decatur.

Well, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I really don’t.  I’m just stuck and it sucks.  My rant is over, for now.

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