Overlook Adventure Park Mini Golf Review

Well this post would have been up a week ago but my MacBook’s hard drive crashed.  It’s still in the repair shop and hopefully I’ll have it back soon because I’m so lost without it! It’s taken a while to get used to a Windows operating system again on my old desktop.  Thank goodness I still have it and it still works!  Anyway…


Last week a group of eight of my family members visited Decatur’s new mini-golf course.  I had written about it, and taken several pictures as it was being built over the past year. It was great to finally see it up close and personal, instead of through a telephoto lens. We decided to play course B, so the photos you’ll see are from that particular course. There are two to choose from. Course A has some shade from mature trees, so if it’s hot, you may want to choose it instead! It wasn’t that hot and sunny when we played, so course B was fine. Well, I guess, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Below:  The last holes of both courses.  I guess I should have put this photo last.


My 9 year old son having a good time.  Later in the game he was throwing his club in frustration.  Like mother, like son!  I was the same way as a kid.  It’s hard being the youngest when everybody else can do better, and you have two older brothers who tease you relentlessly…wait a minute, I’ll save that for my therapist!  Back to the course…



You’ll do better hitting the ball around the water at the Flamingo hole but what fun is that? 🙂



I didn’t put two and two together at the time but the penguin on the ship is supposed to be in reference to Decatur’s namesake, Commodore Stephen Decatur, a naval war hero.  There are Decatur landmarks and trivia thrown into the theme of the course, along with the animals of Decatur’s Scovill Zoo.


The meerkats were my personal favorite!


Finally got to see one of the two bridges I watched being constructed up close and personal.


Below:  The goat hole!  There’s little details like this that you’ll have to pay special attention to. The goat has taken a bite out of the sign and is eating the “grass”.



Below is a wider view of the course. I would need a wide angle lens to really show it.  I just used the camera on my phone for these.  The course is beautifully landscaped but I noticed some plants had already been trampled by big and little feet.  There’s some tweaking to be done here and there to prevent such unintended damage.


We all agreed it was a fun family outing. Young children will especially enjoy the animals. The only thing I missed was music! That was a big part of Paul’s when I was a teenager. It seemed odd without music playing in the background but then, knowing today’s music industry, they would probably want royalties and the park district would be sued.


Sundays have a special rate of $20 for a family of four, otherwise it is $6.50/adult, $5.50/child, and 3 and under is free.  It’s fairly reasonable pricing I think.  There are other special dates and promotions too. It is an upgrade over Pauls’, so we can’t expect to pay Paul’s prices!  Check out the Decatur park district’s website for more details.

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