I Don’t Like Basketball but I Do Like Horses!

I’ve been looking at houses in the Lexington, Kentucky area all morning.  I found one house with the most amazing kitchen I’ve ever seen!  I love it.  It has two big windows bringing in tons of light and overlooking a great backyard.  The cabinets and tile work were beautiful.  I think I liked the rest of the house too but I’ve looked at so many, I couldn’t tell you.  My head is spinning.  Even if we don’t end up moving, I’ve found lots of great ideas for my house in Decatur!

We should know much more in the next few weeks about the job my husband is applying for in Georgetown.  If he does get the job, then we’ll have to decide if we want to move, and that’s not an easy decision.

It would be very hard to leave my house, family and friends, and the city I’ve known all my life.  If we do move, it isn’t because we dislike Decatur.  Wherever I am, I’ll still be rooting for Decatur’s comeback, and I think Decatur is on it’s way to coming back.  There are a lot of good things happening in Decatur right now that I think will greatly improve the city.

I’ve thought of the lakefront development and how I’d love to see it progress and be able to enjoy it on a summer evening.  It’s already doing its job in helping retaining residents because I’d love to live in a city with a lakefront like Decatur is proposing.  It’s something I would miss because the Lexington area doesn’t have many lakes, let alone one inside its city limits.

If we move, it’ll be mainly for career reasons.  There’s a lot more job opportunities for me in my field in Kentucky.  Park and wildlife management jobs are few and far between in Central Illinois. Somebody would have to either retire or die to open up a job for me.  Kentucky has many state parks, natural areas, historical sites, botanical gardens, wildlife parks, horse parks, etc., and I’ve already found several job openings and internship opportunities.  I haven’t found any of those types of job opportunities in Central Illinois. That’s the biggest issue.

My daughter also wants to move south for college.  After this winter, the thought of walking around a college campus in Illinois’ freezing cold winters isn’t too appealing to her.  She likes the idea of milder temperatures.

The are a few things that worry me about Kentucky though.  One, I’m not a college sports or basketball fan, and Lexington lives and breathes both.  I guess I would just not subscribe to their newspaper or watch local news very often, because from what I can tell, college sports is pretty much all they talk and write about, with a few stories about horses and the weather tossed in.

I have a feeling as long as I don’t insult Kentucky’s basketball teams or their horses (I would never insult a horse), I should be okay.

I worry that I’m too liberal for the south but then I’ve had heated political disagreements with Republicans in Decatur too, so I guess that’s kind of a wash. Ha!

I love southern culture and cooking though.  My grandparents and great-grandparent from way back yonder all came from the south.  My dad was born in Tennessee and the Hay family lived in Virginia/Kentucky for more than 200 years before my great-grandfather moved to Illinois in the 1920s or 30s.  Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport is named after a great-great-uncle on my mom’s side.  When I think about it, many of our family traditions and family recipes are southern.  It wouldn’t be a culture shock for me to live in Kentucky.

Still, I wouldn’t call a cheese toasty grilled cheese, even if they put a gun up to my head.  It’s cheese toasty forever!

Still, the thought of moving scares the crud out of me.  If I could snap my fingers and have everything in my house magically transported into our dream home in Kentucky, I’d do it in a second.  However, it doesn’t work that way.

Trying to sell or rent our house in Decatur sounds like a nightmare.  Getting the house ready for new renters/owners would be a nightmare.  Dealing with banks and real estate companies while our nerves are shot to hell would be a nightmare.  I can picture it now!  Tension headaches, heart palpitations, arguments over stupid things, things being tossed across rooms, and a complete and total mental breakdown is quite possible for all of us.

Well, hopefully in a few weeks the decision will be made either by us or for us, and life can then resume.




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