Beauty in the Beastly Weather


There’s no denying it: This winter has been brutal but even so, there’s still beauty to be found. I had to pull over and take a picture of last night’s sunset, as I was driving home from Forsyth. This was taken in First Church of the Nazarene’s parking lot. A couple minutes after I drove away, the sky was even more amazing!



Nelson Park: If it wasn’t for the tree line on the other side of the lake, it would be hard to separate the sky from frozen Lake Decatur.



The birds were huddled together trying to beat the elements. You think we have it bad, think about the wildlife.



This is the same scene as above but it shows what it really felt like taking those pictures! Lord have mercy it was insanely cold! My bare fingers stung and throbbed in pain for the few minutes I was there. It was 11 degrees but the windchill was below zero.



I saw one of these last year but I didn’t know what it was called. This rainbow ring effect around the sun is called a sundog, maybe because it looks like the sun has too floppy ears? They typically only occur during very cold weather and the right atmospheric conditions.  This was taken at Progress City next to Richland Community College.



These aren’t clouds! This is some of the steam, (I would need a panoramic shot to show it all), released by ADM. When it’s very cold, it’s kinda scary to see how much is released. Notice the sundog above it.



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