Captured and Remembered

By now my family knows that where ever we go I will most likely be bringing along a camera.  I love photography and I have about every kind of camera a person could imagine, well a person with a small budget anyway.

I have my pocket size Canon in Cardinal red that I bought just for the purpose of matching my camera to my clothes at Busch Stadium and being able to fit into a pocket.  It’s smaller than most phones and is handy to take along when I want better photos than what my phone can take.

I have a Canon underwater camera that takes great pictures above water as well.  It’s suitable for about any kind of weather conditions.  It doesn’t matter if it gets rained on or banged around a little bit. It’s a fun camera to have.

Then I have my beastly Nikon D5100.  It’s not professional quality but it’s a good enough camera to get me into the market of lenses that can focus in on a fly 50 yards away.  I’ve learned that the lenses make all the difference and there are several that I frequently drool over on  I have yet to actually buy any of them but window shopping is fun, even if online.

The only problem with the Nikon is that it’s a hassle to lug around and I’m always worried that it’s either going to get broken or stolen when I’m out and about, so I usually keep it at home.

My go-to camera is my phone!  I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and it takes good pictures for being a phone, or as I see it, a camera that is also a phone.  It’s quick and easy to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social sharing app.  The only problem is that it has  limitations.  It can’t zoom in on distance scenes or take fast-action shots but I’m amazed at how good it is for being a phone.  I’m sure that phone cameras will keep getting better and better.

A great thing about smartphone cameras is that there are some excellent image editing apps that can make a so-so photo look pretty amazing.  I’ve taken some photos that looked atrocious with bad lighting and with some editing, turned out good, not amazing but good enough to share.  My favorite image editing apps are Aviary and BeFunky.

The best thing though about being able to take and share photos so easily is that I can look back through them as a journal of sorts.  Things that I would have otherwise forgotten are saved and looking at them reminds me of the days I took them. You can join the other six people who follow me on Instagram by looking up haydiz70. I think that’s my username.  I follow back.


I would have forgotten how brilliant the colors were of these beautiful glass ornaments from the Decatur Arts in the Park Show. No photo editing needed.


I would have forgotten how quaint and beautiful this scene looked downtown. The only thing I don’t like about Instagram though, is that it cuts off photos into squares. The original full scene is much better.


I’ll forever remember my family paying way too much to see animatronic dinosaurs in Springfield but the photos I got out of it were pretty amazing!


A recent trip to Lake Shelbyville on a picture perfect day!


This slug on my house would have been forgotten for all eternity until I Instagrammed it.


The sky over Lake Decatur a few weeks ago was absolutely stunning. I’d never seen cloud formations like that. Memories of a beautiful evening.


I’m not likely to forget how much my cat dislikes one of my dogs but this photo serves as evidence.


My phone has a pretty cool built in editor that can make scenes like this from regular ol’ photos. This was taken before the 2013 Labor Day Parade.


Some of the birds are downright scary at Dreamland Lake but not this one. Very friendly! This was taken during a family picnic.


A beautiful rose to remind me never to put the wrong kind of fertilizer on this particular kind of rose bush. A week later the whole rose bush was dead. 🙁 But I got this photo to remember killing it.


More proof that they really don’t get along. The dog loves the cat but the cat feels the dog is completely unnecessary.


I sat outside on the balcony of the lodge we were staying at near Wisconsin Dells and took about 855 photos of this dramatic sunset.


Cave formations in Wisconsin. I don’t remember the name of the cave but I can remember how it looked like. 🙂


I haven’t killed this rose bush yet! Thank goodness. I remember a picture perfect morning sunrise this summer though.


I took this photo after taking one of my exams at Richland earlier this Summer and I loved how it turned out. As my family always says, “Where There’s a Hay, There’s a Way!” We’re all very modest and humble like that.

Downtown Decatur, view from Central Park. 2013.

Another view of Downtown Decatur from Central Park.


A photo I took of the creek a played in as a kid.

Horse drawn carriage at Decatur's 2012 Christmas Walk

Horse drawn carriage at Decatur’s 2012 Christmas Walk. I would have totally forgotten about this scene. This was taken with my old phone.  I think the S3 would have done much better.


If you look close, you can see the apparition of a ghost from last Halloween on my front porch. Ok, it’s not an apparition but it is a ghost!


Last year’s Halloween pumpkin carving!


A creepy looking light over the balcony at the Avon Theater. I remember I took the kids there to watch Ice Age and when I sat down, I pulled the arm rest off of one of the chairs.  They really need to get some new seats but keep the creepy light.


Snickers doesn’t much care for the dog but he loves the fish! This is a picture before an infestation of Ick took over the tank and killed the fish. Snickers was devastated.


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