Jimmy John’s Downtown Decatur

Last Friday I took the kids to Jimmy John’s in downtown Decatur.  I had never been to that particular location but thought it would be more interesting then going to a strip mall version of Jimmy John’s and it was.  I had no idea there were two floors of seating and that the second floor had a great view of downtown and the perfect vantage point to watch drivers zoom by, totally unaware they were being watched. By the way, most people look funny when they’re driving.

The kids really enjoyed it.  I love the quirkiness and character of old buildings and how new businesses have to find ways to work with old architecture. I still miss K’s Merchandise downtown with all the floors that leaned different directions, old tin ceilings and that old building smell.  Christmas hasn’t been the same without shopping there.  So many buildings have been lost downtown and I hope we preserve what is remaining.

Anyway, I plan to visit all the other restaurants I’ve never been to downtown which is nearly all of them.  Here I am writing about Decatur all the time and I haven’t been to many locally owned eating joints.  To be honest my family usually eats out in Forsyth.  The shame. The shame. We need to add some Decatur spots to the list.  I’ll let you know what I find.

View from the second floor.

Main Street looking North.

Haines & Essick’s building (left) and the Reynolds building-ADM (right)

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