Searching for Pelicans

I finally found them! The pelicans at Lake Decatur that have been on the news lately, were hovering above my car with the strong wind currents above South Shores Friday.

At first I thought they were sea gulls but I realized they were much too large, plus the black tips of their wings revealed their true identity. Of course, this was the last part of the lake I thought to look. I drove around nearly the entire lake thinking they were camped out in the shallow waters by Rea’s Bridge behind Richland – well I was close except they were south, while I was north; west while I was east. Hum. My psychic powers have been letting me down lately!

Anyway, if you want to catch a glimpse of the big birds before they leave, they’re along the Grove Road area. Don’t ask me directions. I went cross-country across dirt paths and one-lane roads until I found them. You may need to use your imagination a bit with these pictures but believe me there’s pelicans in them!

Pelicans Pelicans

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