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Using MyFitnessPal To Lose Weight


Some people have asked me how I have lost weight and the answer is very simple.  I eat less and I exercise more.  That’s the only diet that works!   Because most of us are guilty of underestimating how many calories we’re eating and overestimating how many we’re burning, it is important to have a tool […]

Here We Go Again, Losing Weight


A couple days ago I celebrated losing 20 pounds after 83 days of being on a diet, and though I have a long way to go to meet my goal, it was great reaching that number.  This time I hope to keep it off. I lost 20 pounds three years ago but gained it all […]

Rauner Is Off To A Ruthless Start

Springfield, Illinois Capitol Rotunda

My mom always told me to never trust a guy who drives a van or a Corvette.  She said, “They’re creeps.”  Of course this was back in the 70s and 80s when vans had mattresses and there used to be a middle-class that could afford Corvettes.  Bruce Rauner’s 20-year-old camper van should have been a […]



I have been trying for so long to get to 500 posts on this blog.  You would think it would be easy but it isn’t easy coming up with things to write about.  For instance, I can’t think of a darn thing to write about right now.  But it is number 500.  Actually, the blog […]



I’m probably cursing us but this winter has been so uneventful.  The most interesting thing I’ve seen all season is a fountain in front of a medical office.  That’s pitiful.  All I want is one decent snowfall.  That’s all and then I won’t feel cheated.

Oldies But Goodies, Maybe?