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Tips for Preventing College Burnout


Since I wrote about being overwhelmed and burned out with college, I thought it would be a good idea to offer some tips to get through it.  Some of this is geared towards adult students but most apply to any college student. 1.  Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew It’s tempting to take […]

Blackduck or Bust!


In about a month I’ll be heading off to Blackduck, Minnesota for a summer internship at Chippewa National Forest.  I’m excited and scared to death but it should be quite a summer.  I had been deciding between an internship in Washington DC  and this one for several weeks.  I had knee surgery a few weeks […]

Decatur: City Limitless

city limitless ad

Decatur just unleashed its’ new marketing campaign called “City Limitless”.  The video is below: I decided to break up the original article in two posts, so if you’re wondering what happened… My Impressions I have long thought that Decatur needed a promotional video for YouTube.  When I research other cities for vacations or for any […]

The Story of My Life


If I had written the story of how my life would go when I was a kid, I would have gotten it all wrong.  Nearly every event that has taken place since graduating high school has been a complete surprise.  I never thought I’d still be living in Decatur.  I didn’t know where I would […]

There I Said It: I Hate Coffee!

There I Said It:  I Hate Coffee!

Every culture has it’s variation of eyeball soup that foreigners graciously have to force down to appear hospitable. America’s version is coffee.  I hate it!  It tastes bad.  It smells bad.  The smell of  percolating coffee gives me a headache. Yet, in the business world it’s an integral part of every meeting, kinda like a […]

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